How Will Toyota Safety Sense Protect You?

November 2nd, 2015 by

Toyota Safety Sense isn’t your parent’s car safety. Once upon a time, having three-point seatbelts in the second-row, airbags, and a crumple-zone was enough to let your brag to the neighbors about how safe your vehicle was.

These days it takes a little more. These days, we take safety seriously.

Safety Sense is all about the accident that doesn’t happen.

Using multiple types of sensors, your Safety Sense vehicle will be able to detect accidents, and avoid them.

Pre-collision with pedestrian detection can analyze not only the presence, but the shape of objects in its path, and act accordingly. If your vehicle detects your incoming speed is too fast, it can give you a warning. If you are unable to react for any reason, the vehicle will brake for you, preventing, or mitigating an impact.

You can also look for features like automatic high beams, lane departure warning, and dynamic radar cruise control.

Visit Toyota of Boardman to learn more about which of our new vehicles feature Safety Sense, and how you can better protect yourself behind the wheel.

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