Toyota of Boardman Customer Testimonials

Miriam N. Avatar
Miriam N.
5/01/2022 - Google

We just bought a Tacoma from this dealer and it was really easy to complete the purchase with them, all simple and no pressure, it took us 15 minutes to close the deal and they did the rest. The next day they took my car to my house two hours from the dealer, we signed at my house and that's it. Kenny was kind and helped us find exactly what we needed without pressuring us.

Pamela S. Avatar
Pamela S.
5/01/2022 - Google

The alternator on my toyota quit working, My toyota service plan said I had to use this dealership because it was closer that the dealership I purchased my vehicle from. They were outstanding, they looked at my vehicle at 730am and called by noon to tell it was ready to pick up.,and the service plan covered everything. My dealership had told me they are booked up and might not be able to get to it for a while, but I could drop it off and they will call me. They also had told me they have to look and see if the failure was caused by something else before they can say if it will be covered under the service plan. Baierl Toyota is no longer my dealership. I will be using Toyota of Boardman for all my future needs. They were very professional, honest, and provided fast and excellent service. That is what you are looking for when you are in need of car repairs. This is your dealership!!!

AppliedPoem1692 Avatar
5/01/2022 - Google

A great experience. Megan was very friendly and helpful, she was honest up front with me from the beginning.

jennifer f. Avatar
jennifer f.
5/01/2022 - Google

The entire process went very smoothly and efficiently. The staff was courteous and professional and made the process very pleasant and as painless as possible. Thanks Mike!!

Chris D. Avatar
Chris D.
4/22/2022 - Google

Dave Hogue is the man! He was straight forward, made the process of getting my Tacoma easy, kept me up to date regularly and had great customer service.After getting the run around and poor customer service from another dealer, I chose Toyota of Boardman after hearing some great things from friends/ co workers.I am very pleased with there customer service all around. It was very refreshing.Thank you Toyota of Boardman!

Rocky R. Avatar
Rocky R.
4/20/2022 - Google

Cordial, informative, and expedient.

Jason S. Avatar
Jason S.
4/20/2022 - Google

Samantha was fantastic and made sure I was informed and my car was taken care of and back on the road quickly. Great service

Samantha P. Avatar
Samantha P.
4/16/2022 - Google

Friendly fast service

Emily Y. Avatar
Emily Y.
4/16/2022 - Google

Best car experience I've ever had. Thank you Jessica and Nick, youre amazing

Ken B. Avatar
Ken B.
4/08/2022 - Google

Professionally completed, timely

Robert G. Avatar
Robert G.
4/08/2022 - Google

Excellent service.

Dave H. Avatar
Dave H.
4/08/2022 - Google

Great service ZEKE is wonderful

Amy K. Avatar
Amy K.
4/06/2022 - Google

The sales staff are friendly and knowledgeable without being pushy. We had a great experience!

Wendy S. Avatar
Wendy S.
4/06/2022 - Google

Excellent staff who were very helpful and friendly!

Aaron I. Avatar
Aaron I.
4/05/2022 - Google

I inadvertently showed up the wrong day for my appointment. They still fit me in and took great care of my car. Thanks, again...

Amee P. Avatar
Amee P.
4/05/2022 - Google

I got my second car from Toyota and I’m in love with my new car. Kevin B. was really helpful and well knowledge. He patiently answered all my question and kept us on updated with vehicle arrival. Thank You! Soo much!

Melody D. Avatar
Melody D.
4/04/2022 - Google

Quick , friendly service. Gerald was knowledgeable and saved me money by offering a great service package.

Nick Avatar
4/03/2022 - Google

My concerns were addressed and the service manager was polite :)

Tim L. Avatar
Tim L.
4/02/2022 - Google

I’ve been dealing with them for a decade. Service dept is very well run and always great communication, the key to being successful at anything. I’ve never had to call them to see if my car is done. They’ve always have called me first and keep me well informed of repairs. The Toyota quality speaks for itself too. Great vehicles.

Jason A. Avatar
Jason A.
4/02/2022 - Google

Very good accommodations, completion time was perfect, I would definitely recommend this service department.

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