Toyota of Boardman Customer Testimonials

John M. Avatar
John M.
7/30/2021 - Facebook

Great place to buy your new car!😊

Franklin K. Avatar
Franklin K.
6/21/2021 - Google

My wife and I were so blown away by the exceptional service Doug gave us when purchasing my new Tundra! I could immediately tell that Doug truly enjoyed his job. I purchased the Tundra right as it came off the assembly line. Every morning I would have an update from Doug about where it was and when it was due in. When my wife and I finally got to meet Doug, he took great care of us as well as the rest of the Boardman team and made the whole buying experience a great one. Again, I just can't say enough how much you can tell Doug loves what he does and he really likes seeing people get excited over purchasing a new vehicle. We live two hours from Boardman and have a Toyota dealership five minutes from our home, but we had such a great experience, that we're going back to Doug once it's time for a new vehicle again! Thank you Doug for making this such a great experience!!!

Karen O. Avatar
Karen O.
6/18/2021 - Facebook

Always have fast friendly service! Just bought my lease! Love my Corolla!

Chappy S. Avatar
Chappy S.
4/30/2021 - Facebook

Our first experience definitely won’t be our last. Picked up a Tacoma this evening & I must say 100% the most friendliest dealership we have ever bought anything from. If you’re looking for a Toyota or if they have something on the lot this is your place, don’t waste your time going anywhere els. “Thanks for the great customer service you guys are the best”..,🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇

Eston R. Avatar
Eston R.
4/22/2021 - Google

I would like to take this opportunity to reflect...I previously left this dealership a nasty, un-needed, and immature in nature, 2 star review where I was extremely nitpicky and I jumped to a lot of conclusions, I have since taken that one down because it was wrong on my end to even post what I did before, and I am sorry, none of the “issues” were nearly as bad as I made them out to be.Anyways, I would like to thank some Toyota of Boardman staff members for all of their help, such as my salesman Doug. I am a young man and I was very intimidated with the thought of buying my first car. Doug was very friendly from the start and he took a lot of the stress away from the process by allowing us to put the car on a maintenance rack to look at the underside for corrosion and wear, he even went as far as to show me how the remote starter works because it is an aftermarket add-on, which I appreciated because I would probably still be messing with it had he not shown me. I HIGHLY recommend asking for salesman Doug when you come in because of his genuine care and helpfulness, something that is hard to come by, especially after test driving multiple other cars at multiple other dealers, Doug stood out to me the most in the best ways possible.Some other dealerships I test drove cars at were much different, some cars had no warranties, broken parts on newer used vehicles, or messy and uninviting facilities in general, the Toyota of Boardman is different in a good way, these people care and try to please you in a genuine way and I felt comfortable.Nothing is ever perfect in life, and I know in my previous review I was very nitpicky with unimportant things like hair in between the seat and console, but its a used car not a new one so it can’t be perfect, I had a major reality check after reading the “owner response” to my previous post because yes, Doug did ask if I thought the car was clean the day of the purchase and it was cleaned, but its a used car so of course it is never 100% back to factory cleanliness nor would I expect a used car to be, I got way too caught up in the moment pointing out the negatives that I forgot all of the positive aspects, which were far outweighed my negative insights. Also, I had no idea that my phone was behaving the way it was, I heard that Doug had tried to call me back regarding the missing floormat and again, I jumped to conclusions and I thought he was ignoring me after days of missed and unreturned voicemails, when in fact it was an issue with either his office phone or my cell phone not being able to call or answer his calls/number or some sort of issue and I found out later that whenever Doug called me all he could hear was a beep noise, I am sorry for whatever that issue was but at least I know now that Doug had put in effort to return my calls, so thank you for your efforts and I am extremely sorry for the trouble I have caused you, this taught me to never assume anything because it can hurt other people, I am sorry, I was wrong to say what I did before.Overall I have had my 2018 Rav4 for about a week and a half and I have no regrets at all, I think I made the right choice for a first car and I love the warranties and peace of mind with Toyota’s legendary reliability. If I lived closer to Toyota of Boardman I would truly consider future purchases because of the quick and easy process and friendly faces, but of course if I see a deal come through in the future like I did with my purchase I would definitely recommend the place to friends and family. I was able to fill out a credit application online, which streamlined the process and I was in and out within an hour on purchase day. A previous dealership kept my family at its facility for over six hours and I was dreading that happening again so I was very impressed with the quick and easy process as well as the staff members involved, again thank you to everyone involved and I am sorry for the things I said previously. I am proud to be a Toyota owner and a Toyota of Boardman customer, and remember to ask for salesman Doug, I mean it!

Veronica V. Avatar
Veronica V.
4/22/2021 - Google

Our experience with Toyota of Boardman was Phenomenal! We went there for me just to test the seat in a Nissan Versa that I had screened shot the day before. I wanted a vehicle that was small, but easy to sit in and not too low to the ground. The gentleman that I spoke to (Kevin) earlier had told me the car was available to sit in. I was looking forward to this! So right as soon as we arrived, the car was parked on the side of the entrance and was unlocked as well, so I decided I would just sit in it right then and there & found it was a very comfortable vehicle. We took it for a test drive & loved the car. So we went inside to purchase the vehicle. After Kevin checked my credit, I wasn’t approved to finance it, but we had exactly $8,000. But with the taxes and everything else it would have been more.I was very sad, because I didn’t have the rest and wasn’t approved to finance it, so Kevin spoke with his general manager and they approved for us to purchase the vehicle for exactly what we had. We are so very grateful that Toyota of Boardman worked with us to the degree they did! Thanks Toyota of Boardman!

Tiny C. Avatar
Tiny C.
4/14/2021 - Facebook

I had a great salesman his name was Jim I called in and ask about the Tacoma lease and he told me everything on the phone and that he had one. And told me what it would cost for more mileage because I wanted more and I went up and got it. But best of all everything he said was 100% right no bait and switch, no gimmicks,no telling me one thing and when I get there it’s a whole different story. And the Advertisement wasn’t something just to get me in the door it was just as it said I had a great experience and I love the truck. Thank you Jim E. Collins

Mary P. Avatar
Mary P.
4/07/2021 - Google

I live in Alabama and needed to get my 5K mile maintenance done, on my Toyota CHR. From the appt phone call to the service, everything was perfect!! Gerald Lane in Service was top notch and so polite!! Thank you Gerald for such wonderful treatment!!

Kelly G. Avatar
Kelly G.
4/07/2021 - Google

Great service and staff! Recently had my car serviced here and had a remote car starter installed. Gerald helped me through the process with knowledgable advice, information, and honesty. Being from out of town, Gerald was able to schedule me an appointment that worked for my travel schedule as well. Highly recommend this business for solid and honest staff.

Ben S. Avatar
Ben S.
4/03/2021 - Facebook

Most dependable vehicles and friendly staff always treat you like you are the only customer in the dealership great service love my Tacoma!

Ron Avatar
4/01/2021 - CarGurus

Kevin was a fantastic salesman, friendly and professional, backed up by great service and financing personnel.

Jerrami L. Avatar
Jerrami L.
3/30/2021 - Google

Dave (Internet Sales) was amazing throughout the entire purchase process. He kept me up to date on current inventory, provided me with an accurate pricing estimate, and made me feel at ease with my first vehicle lease. All of this was done before I even stepped foot in the dealership! I for sure will be returning to Toyota of Boardman for my future auto needs!

Aafs0822 Avatar
3/26/2021 - CarGurus

Truck was unavailable but they were honest about the trucks issues.

Parris W. Avatar
Parris W.
3/24/2021 - Facebook

Within hours Doug GM) Doug, Jessica and Erica had a great deal in place and were able to accommodate our business with the vehicles that we wanted and again at the price also. As a business owner I am well aware of how having a great product with a number one customer service is essential for sustainability. Thank you so much for making it more than a sale for us. My business is with you from here on out. I highly recommend this company and give them 5 stars. Thanks again, PW PW-JMAN ENTERPRISES

Robin C. Avatar
Robin C.
3/23/2021 - Facebook

This dealership along with Jessica, Doug and Erica made our experience with leasing so easy and stress free. They were even willing to do everything over the phone, by text and email before we even decided to lease through them. It was an amazing experience and I definitely recommend Boardman Toyota!!!!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

zack g. Avatar
zack g.
3/23/2021 - Google

Came in earlier today for my first car buying experience and I have to say the place was something spectacular, Zeke helped out so much made The Whole process as smooth as possible and I’m so excited to have my own car. Would definitely recommend to anybody looking a car and a very helpful staff! Thank you boardman Toyota and thank you zeke!

Chris C. Avatar
Chris C.
3/23/2021 - Google

I bring my Lexus here to get serviced. Most brand name dealerships are okay in terms of performing basic routine maintenance. However this dealership is amongst the best in the country (I’ve lived all over).The service team here are top notch individuals who show respect and have great attitudes. There’s one individual who I won’t name as I don’t know how management is here and I don’t need them getting fired for doing another persons job but they were looking out for the customer. One time I was told something was broken on the interior of my car by fault of the dealer. A few weeks went by and I didn’t hear back until one day I got a call saying a part came in and to come whenever I wanted. When I arrived, every technician was on break. A person overheard me being told to come back at a later time. As I’m pulling out, they ran out to my car and stopped me saying they’d take care of it. I was confused. A minute later with mask on, gloves, and sanitizer at hand (I didn’t think it was necessary) they got in the car and replaced the part in 60 seconds. This person goes above and beyond. They’re nice to deal with every time I come. I will only get my vehicle serviced here just because of how well of a job the service team does here.

Jacob N. Avatar
Jacob N.
3/16/2021 - Google

Great dealership! Paul was extremely helpful over the past few days and really made us feel comfortable with the entire experience. They were very fair with my trade in, the price they had on our new vehicle was excellent, and there was not a bunch of hidden fees or bs. Overall it was very smooth from beginning to end, not at all the typical pushy car dealer stereotype. I would highly recomend this dealership to anybody looking to buy or trade a vehicle - ask for Paul!!

Raymond L. Avatar
Raymond L.
3/16/2021 - Google

This is now my primary Toyota dealership, and the experience is so much better here! I appreciate the staff taking the time to understand my needs, and trying to come to a solution when necessary. Also, Dave in the service department is also very knowledgeable, and gave me a remedy to fix an issue that I had mistakenly caused with my headliner, and I greatly appreciate that!

Raymond L. Avatar
Raymond L.
3/15/2021 - Google

This is now my primary Toyota dealership, and the experience is so much better here! I appreciate the staff taking the time to understand my needs, and trying to come to a solution when necessary. Also, Dave in the service department is also very knowledgeable, and gave me a remedy to fix an issue that I had mistakenly caused with my headliner, and I greatly appreciate that!

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