Small, fuel-efficient, and mighty: the Prius c

March 19th, 2015 by

When hybrid models first came out their prices were much higher than today! Thankfully, as popularity for these Green models has grown over the decade, the price of them, including the Prius, has come down significantly.

If you want to take your green living ethos to the road now is the perfect time, thanks to the affordable and pint-size Prius c.

This munchkin of a Prius has been available since 2012 and the price and size is perfect for young professionals that’re just getting started in their career, but still don’t want to put their environmental values on hold. With it, you’ll get excellent fuel ratings, a surprisingly roomy interior, and the ability to park anywhere with ease. The Prius c is available in 4 trims (aptly named trim one, two, three, and four), and at Toyota of Boardman, located in Boardman, OH,  the two trim is a popular and well-priced choice.

On the flip side, if you need more space you can also test drive the extended Prius v.

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