Toyota Helps Hawks Find a New Home

January 4th, 2016 by

In 2008, employees at the Toyota Arizona Proving Grounds noticed that a pair of red-tailed hawks had built a nest on a utility pole.

Red-tailed hawks are adaptable birds that will nest almost anywhere, but the high-voltage pole was a dangerous choice. When one of the adult hawks died, a surviving chick was left abandoned in the nest.

Toyota worked with a local wildlife rehabilitator to raise the orphaned bird, and eventually return it to the wild.

Meanwhile, the Toyota Arizona Proving Grounds did something heartwarmingly altruistic.

They built a new nest site for the hawks.

A 50-foot pole was set up within 500 feet of the original nest, but safely out of the way of any electric lines. Since then, eight red-tailed hawk chicks have been born in the relocated nest.

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