Toyota Mirai: Powered By Water

September 11th, 2015 by

Imagine, if you will, a fuel station sitting close to the shore of the ocean. Salt water is taken in through a pump, and electricity is run through it. The electricity? It’s generated by a windmill, constantly blowing in the strong seaside winds. Perhaps a field of solar panels also gathers energy on those bright beach days.

This electricity, combined with this salty, current-conducting water, splits apart the H2O molecules into H2 and O2. The O2 can rejoin its breathable brethren in the air, or perhaps be saved for medical, or other purposes.

The hydrogen though, that we compress, and store, and use to power hydrogen fuel cell vehicles like the Toyota Mirai.

It’s a clean, sustainable future. Once that hydrogen is burned in the Mirai’s fuel cell, it becomes water again, so we’re probably not going to empty the oceans.

And water electrolysis is just one possible idea of how to make hydrogen fuel sustainably. Hydrogen can be refined from many difference sources, including waste products like cow manure.

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