Toyota C-HR Concept Might Foretell an Early RAV4 Update

September 15th, 2014 by

Since its newest iteration was unveiled in 2012, we still can’t stop harping about how much we love the 2014 Toyota RAV4. Complete with a modern design, fantastic fuel economy, and no shortage of thrills for the whole family, it’s no wonder they fly off our lot almost as fast as we can stock them. What does confuse us, however, is the recent concept car our preferred automaker previewed.

What do we mean, and why does this confuse us? Well, since the RAV4 was updated only a short time ago, it seems a bit soon for Toyota to preview yet another generation. The prototype–called the C-HR–is sleeker (almost Venza-like, now that we think on it), and supposedly features more modern design language.

We’ll have to wait for its unveiling next month in Paris to see what Toyota has planned. For all we know, they could be going for a shot-gun update similar to what they did for the 2015 Camry (which looks Fifty Shades of Awesome, by the way). Watch this space to learn more.

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